balance creates harmony
"One of my greatest pleasures is helping dog owners maintain a balanced and therefore harmonious relationship with their dog".

Email Consultation

If you wish an email consultation, there is a $35.00AUD fee. This includes one follow-up email. Further follow-up emails are $15.00 per email.

I do not guarantee I can solve your dogs issues via email. All I can offer is that I will to the best of my ability, from the information you have provided, explain to you why I believe your dog is displaying the behaviour you are concerned about, and the best course of action to take, to help modify your dogs behaviour. I will email you a complete breakdown on your dogs behaviour, and an in-depth course of action to take to help modify your dogs behaviour.

I would also suggest including a video (mp4 format. Mobile phones usually save in this format) of your dogs behaviour you are seeking advice for.

If after receiving your form, I feel that I cannot help via email, I will inform you, and refund your payment in full.

Please allow up to 24 hours for a response.

Please do not use this form for extreme aggression issues.

Payment for Email Consult

Please enter information on this form to make payment for Email Consult . The amount you need to pay is $35.00 .

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