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In-home Behavioural Consultation

Please, if you would like to book a consultation with me, use the book now button below for your particular location.

Currently I am only offering home consultations until October 28, 2020.

I am booked to fly to Vietnam for business on October 31, and will be away for a minimum of 3 months.

Whilst I am away, 3 months support will be via WhatsApp and email

Due to this, I am offering a discount of $20 off my normal fee.

Use voucher code vietnam20 when making your booking to receive the discount.


Consultation Information

My initial consultation is for around 2 hours for any number of dogs residing in the home. This initial consultation is very intensive. During the consultation I explain to you the reasons behind your dog's inappropriate behaviours and explain and demonstrate the process we need to take to help rehabilitate your dog to bring him or her back into a more balanced state. It's not unusual to observe positive changes in your dog's behaviour during this initial consultation.

We take your dog to any location where the behaviours we are working through are triggered. Whether that be just in the home, or other locations around distractions such as other dogs and people.

During the initial consultation, I will also cover the following subjects to help you better understand your dog. Understanding these core principles will not only speed up your dog's rehabilitation process, but will also ensure a well-balanced dog, and harmonious relationship.

  • Dog psychology - How your dog views its relationship with you
  • Reinforcing desirable behaviours
  • Inhibiting or extinguishing inappropriate behaviours
  • Teach your dog to respect your personal and social space, and why it is so important for your relationship
  • The importance of your body language and energy and how it affects your relationship with your dog
  • Teaching your dog impulse control
  • Being aware of anxiety in your dog, and how to ensure it doesn't develop
  • Correct socialisation with people and other dogs
  • Satisfying your dog's instinctive needs
  • Setting the correct rules and boundaries and being consistent
  • Understand learning theory
  • Proper leash walking and understanding the principle of opposition reflex response and how it affects walking your dog

Includes 3 months phone, email, Whatsapp support. Whilst I am in Vietnam, support will be via WhatsApp and email

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What happens if I book & you can't help me?

When booking your home consultation online, payment is required when you make your booking. If in the very unlikely event that when I attend your home I feel I cannot assist you and your dog, I offer an immediate full refund, which is re-credited back to your card whilst I am at your home.

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Booking your appointment

When selecting an appointment time on your preferred date, please allow for me to arrive up to 30 mins before or after the selected time. This arrival time will be dependent on the location of my previous appointment. Also, please check which service area you are located in and book your appointment for your area. Currently I service the Gold Coast and Brisbane South.

If you reside outside my service areas displayed on the maps, please use the contact form on this page informing me of your location, and I will reply with a fee.


PLEASE PHONE ME ON 0416 705 463

to make an appoinment

area A

Please note, currently I am only offering services in area A. Area B and NSW are currently not available.

Area A from $270 - 2 hour consult & 3 mths support


If you book and pay for a consultation online, and need to cancel your consultation, you can do so up to 2 hours before your consultation time by clicking on the cancellation link in your booking confirmation email. If you do cancel from the link in your confirmation email, you will automatically receive a full refund credited back to your bank account. If you cancel less than 2 hours before your appointment time, there is a 20% cancellation fee off your initial consultation fee  which will be automatically deducted from your refund.

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