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rspcakills Really?

Can RSPCA be trusted to help our dogs?

rspca2RSPCA are one the biggest killers of dogs with behavioural issues, not only in Australia, but every country they operate in. You only have to look up their statistics. A society that is supposed to be an advocate for animals and have sworn to protect them, and yet can't (won't) even modify many of the dogs behaviours that are taken into their care, due to pushing an emotive ideology that is in their minds, more important than a dogs life. Instead of opening their minds and looking for alternative help, they prefer to kill. RSPCA should be the last organisation governments and society should be looking too in regards to responsible dog training, behaviour modification and training tools.

RSPCA treat trainers that will not support their positive only ideology like lepers. A number of years ago, whilst I was operating in Adelaide, I put my hand out and publicly (and directly to RSPCA SA via email) offered to help RSPCA modify dogs behaviours that they deemed not suitable for re-homing and therefore allocated to be euthanised, FREE OF CHARGE. They didn't even bother responding to my offer, and instead blocked me from their Facebook page when I publicly offered this type of help directly on their page. Here was a trainer, wanting to HELP save dogs lives, but their cognitive dissonance wouldn't allow them to accept my offer, or to even acknowledge and thank me for my offer.

I know of a few dog trainers that have offered RSPCA similar help, with similar results. Totally ignored!

Governments and society need to wake up to the agenda RSPCA are pushing. There needs to be a full government inquiry into the RSPCA's operations, and how in reality they are putting the welfare of our dogs second to an emotive ideology that has statistically been proven to fail in a lot of cases. Even if an alternative method of training can save only a few dogs lives each year, isn't it worth the effort? However, in my personal and professional opinion, the numbers of dogs that could be helped and be saved that the RSPCA are failing would be extremely high. But I guess we will never know, as I believe ego, and the fear of being proven to be wrong is too much of a cross for them to bear.

If our dogs lives are so important to them, then a training ideology proven not to be highly successful should not be more important than the welfare of our dogs. Dogs lives matter!


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