Common (Dog) Sense


Ecollar, the least invasive training tool available

Standard tools like halters, no-pull harnesses, slip collars, correction chains, prong collars, all


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Consequences A predictable unpleasant consequence overrides behaviour

Are You Really Stopping Unwanted Behaviours?

I had a conversation with a dog owner that raised her dog by purely positive methods. During that co


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Mother (Nature) Knows Best!

This is a great example of why when a mother raises her pups, the pups, as they mature, do not suffe


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punishment This is not punishment, its an act of abuse!

The Act of Punishment

Many ask why are a majority of my posts about punishment? Well, isn't that the major issue we have n


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It's never just about the dog

I like to simplify things as much as possible when I am with clients to help them understand their d


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Your dog does not love you

"Your dog does not love you!"That is the number one comment I make that surprises many of my clients


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Killing Our Dogs With Love - the addiction of affection

One of the most difficult concepts for many of my clients to fully accept, when they have called me


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A dogs emotional awareness, and its cognitive ability to control its emotions

I raise this subject quite often, because it is so important to understand. Dogs are not consciously


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Punishment, the evil word in dog training

I am becoming very bored with the statement, "we don't need to use violence to train a dog" The posi


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25 April 2020
Dog Training & Behaviour
I have no issue training pups/dogs with food. What I do have an issue with, is people/trainers training frantic dogs with food, or causing them to become frantic!Don't just look at what you can get a dog to do using food, but understand the deeper em...
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19 April 2020
Dog Training & Behaviour
I find one of the biggest hurdles to get over when helping dog owners modify unwanted behaviours in their dog, is convincing many of them not to project their own current emotional state onto their dog, especially when trying to modify their dogs beh...
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13 February 2020
Dog Training & Behaviour
When dogs have no defined consistent rules and boundaries, have no understanding of respecting personal and social space, and no impulse control, why wouldn't we expect to come across neurotic dogs in a state of continual hyper-arousal and emotional ...
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08 February 2020
Dog Training & Behaviour
Applying discomfort, why is it considered such an evil concept by positive only and force free extremists, when its one of natures most powerful learning principles to help an animal understand what to avoid and to learn boundaries? No animal or soci...
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26 January 2020
Dog Training & Behaviour
No social group can survive without some form of leadership. Without leadership we have chaos. Try and have a successful sports team with no perceived leadership, or weak leadership. Try and run a successful business without there being leadership.Pl...
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29 October 2019
Dog Training & Behaviour
We teach young children behavioural boundaries, such as respecting others personal and social space, and to control their impulses. If we didn't, then we end up with very disrespectful children as they grow. However, not only are we teaching behaviou...
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