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No censorship, and that anthropomorphic 'love' word again

I don't mind people visiting to my Facebook page and disagreeing with my professional views, as everyone has a right to an opinion. What surprises me is how many become emotionally unhinged, just because a 'professional' has rocked their core beliefs, beliefs that they have become so overly emotionally attached too. The only counter many of them have is to throw insults and attack me and those that agree with me, or that may have closely related views, in comments to my posts. They try to shut people down by bullying. I used to remove these insulting and attacking comments and then ban those emotionally unstable people from commenting further on my page (I have a long list of banned people), however, I now believe its probably best to let others see the level these people will go too to push their agenda, and how mentally unstable some of them are. Show them up for who they are, and what they really stand for.

One person in a comment to one of my posts said I should remove some of the comments in my posts as it reflected badly on me and my business. This I do not agree with, as it is not me throwing the insults and attacking people, it's those mentally unhinged people that can't control their emotions that are making them self look like fools, not because they don't agree with me, but because of their actions. Isn't it ironic, that it is those that push the positive-only agenda that are the ones that usually tend to become more emotionally unhinged. To those people, I thank you for not following a more balanced approach to dog training, as I doubt you could keep your emotions under control enough to have a more balanced and rounded approach to dog training.

I am not one to censor myself because I fear I may hurt or offend someone because of my views. That to me is allowing them to control my personal and professional views. My posts and articles are usually written to push the current boundaries on what is deemed as PC and appropriate. I am hoping that posts and articles I write may open some peoples minds to more empirical thinking, and stop them blindly following those that have an emotive agenda to push. Yes, many of my posts are very controversial, and that is my intention. Maybe subconsciously I am trying to shock those caught up blindly following the LIE, to start questioning their own core beliefs.

In the past 20 years there has been a major shift in dog training that has swung all the way to the other end of the spectrum, and this in my opinion, and that of so many other professionals, is why there has been such a dramatic upward trend in regards to dogs with major behavioural and psychological problems. The increase yearly of dog attacks on humans and other dogs is at epidemic levels and is continuing to increase at a totally unacceptable and dangerous rate. Every year more and more dogs are being dumped in pounds for behavioural problems, that can be sorted out if only we treated them as dogs. Thousands of dogs every year being KILLED due to no fault of their own, all because so many refuse to offer alternative behavioural training help. The legalised drug pushing on to our dogs has increased over the past 10 years to again epidemic levels by Vet Behaviourists that are more concerned about lining their pockets than the welfare of our dogs. Please note, I am not suggesting ALL Vet behaviourists are acting in this manner, however, sadly it has become the majority of them.

My posts based on my previous article "Your Dog Doesn't Love You" and the content of that article, are by far I am sure the most controversial I have ever written, and they struck a deep emotional sting for so many people, that they felt they needed to fight back. So many became personally offended that I would suggest that their dog doesn't love them. Let me ask you then, are dogs capable of 'loving' each other? Do they have loving, intimate and caring relationships, or do they have more of a natural bond with each other? Then why is it that dogs mysteriously love their owners? I have come across dog owners that bring a new puppy into an already dog owned household. The pup grows up spending 100% of its time with the other dog, and therefore develops a deep attachment for that dog and therefore becomes highly distressed each time the younger dog needs to be separated from the older dog. The owner calls me and usually their first words are, "My younger dog loves my older dog so much he can't bear to be away from it". I ask them, "if it was 'love', why then doesn't the older dog get distressed when the younger dog is removed?" I hear more often, "my dog loves me so much he can't bear to be away from me". This is not loving, this is a dog that has been conditioned by its owners to be overly dependant on the other dog and/or owner. If dogs truly loved, why don't young dogs have emotional breakdowns when removed from their mother? Why don't the mothers have emotional breakdowns when their pups are finally removed to go to their new homes? Why are dogs so easy to re-home, when their owners can't care for them anymore?

The reason I don't like to use the term 'love' when discussing the relationship my clients have with their dogs, and their dogs have with them, is because of the human connotation of 'love'. I inform my clients your dog and you have a very strong bond, however it is not love as you perceive it to be. The main reason your dog has bonded with you is because he is a pack animal, and pack animals instinctively bond with their social group or pack.. They don't 'love' other pack members. Dogs have what is termed 'pack instinct' and this instinct or drive can be very strong, down to being very weak. I go into many homes where the owner will say to me, no matter how much I love my dog, he is not indicating he loves me, he is very independent and aloof, he will not show me any affection. I inform my client, its nothing you or your dog are doing wrong, it's more that your dog has weaker pack instinct or drive, and therefore the bond may not be as strong as you may see between other dogs and their owners.

The anthropomorphic attitude in regards to our dogs that is becoming stronger and stronger every year is literally, in my professional opinion, destroying so many dog and owner relationships. They are placing expectations on to their dogs, that the dogs literally themselves cannot live up too. I come across in my line of work, more and more confused dogs and owners every year.

My aim, whether successful or not, is to help dog owners find their way back to reality and move on from the 'LIE' they have been blindly following, and to help them relate to their dogs in a way their dog is more able to understand. To have a more healthy and well rounded relationship that is conducive to a more well balanced dog.

I make no apologies for my public anti PC articles and opinions, as it is PC that is subduing people into following a certain line of thought, and so many professionals are too afraid to speak out for fear of either losing business, offending people, or not wanting to be attacked by those that aggressively push the positive-only agenda. We all need to step up and speak out, not just join private Facebook groups to voice our opinions to those that already agree with us. For me, a dog is a dog, and I love and respect them dearly. However, the reason I love and respect them so much, is because I respect the dog for what it is, and how much of a positive influence they can have on our lives. I want people to know that they may have unwittingly fallen for the LIE, and therefore need to be woken up, and sometimes that may require a good swift kick up the ass, to get them focused back into reality.

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