pcanineIt astounds me how many videos are now on social media (literally 10's of thousands), showing dogs being trained with tools such as ecollars and prong collars.


lack of reality;

  • quality of being unreal: the unreality of dreams.
  • something that is unreal, invalid, imaginary, or illusory: She appeared to be living in a world of unrealities.
  • incompetence or impracticality, especially in everyday matters

There is so much more observable evidence supporting the use of these tools as appropriate when used correctly, than against their use. And yet, ALL the readily available reality based observable evidence is totally ignored by these purely positive and force free groups, preferring to allow emotion to be their guiding influence, and therefore living in an obviously subjective unreality.

Military and Police Canine Handlers (experts in their field) around the world utilise these collars, and yet the purely positive ideologues turn a blind eye to them, burying their head in the sand, refusing to even consider them as credible experts in their field, believing they themselves know better. Yet not one of them can duplicate these canine units level of training.

vspolicedogA few years ago celebrity purely positive trainer, Victoria Stilwell, publicly stated that she would train a fully operational police dog using her methods. Never was her offer heard of again, and of course, no dogs were trained.

Why has emotion become the controlling influence on what is appropriate and factual, and not direct observable and verifiable facts? It only takes 5 mins to do a search on YouTube to find literally 10's of thousands of videos of dogs being trained correctly using these types of tools, and yet the 'purely positive' and 'force free' ideologues refuse to even look at them, why? Possibly because they fear that the viewing of them will contradict with their overly emotive stance, and this would be too emotionally painful to accept? And all this due to their emotive view of an unreality, that to them is real, even though being a totally subjective concept/belief.

Sadly, subjective based human emotion has become the line drawn in the sand, and not observable and verifiable facts. 

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