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Utopia doesn't exist for our dogs

Utopia doesn't exist for our dogs

dogwalkA person that informs you that a particular tool is abusive, and yet hasn't even bothered to educate them self or learnt how to use it correctly, must be refusing to personally validate their own views with practical experience because the emotional self obviously fears so much of being proven wrong. They fear their emotional self will be left hanging in tatters if proven wrong, and that is way too much of a cross too bear, if indeed it happens. Why else wouldn't they want to validate their views to see if they are indeed justified or not? Isn't that what ANY rational person would do, before jumping to any conclusions, validate their own views to be sure they are correct and justified? Obviously not, if you live with the fear of being proven wrong.

This emotional weakness isn't about doing whats best for the dog, its more about the fear of losing something that these people pushing the irrational emotive agenda hold on to so dearly, their emotional self, a self that feels we all should be living in a utopian world, whereby physical affection should be enough to sustain a beautiful new world order. A self that also believes their dog operates at the same emotional level as them, and is itself searching for an unrealistic utopia. I have come across numerous dog owners that have dogs that are biting them (and even drawing blood), jumping up at them and causing bruising and scratches, and yet will not punish their dog for this behaviour, and all because their emotional self is convinced their dog will stop loving them. Or that causing the dog any discomfort is cruel, and yet will allow their dog to forgo any emotional empathy towards them, and therefore allow their dog to continue to make them feel uncomfortable, or even inflict pain, all because punishment has no place in their utopian world, and not even realising their dog is indeed punishing them. Shouldn't this be enough to prove that their dog is not operating from the same emotional perspective, and that the dog could careless if its causing the owner discomfort or pain, as long as it gets what it wants? But no, their perspective of reality is clouded by their own irrational emotions, and not their dogs perspective of reality.

Those that preach the positive-only ideology of a utopian world, drum this emotional fear of punishment into the minds of others they come in contact with, they are not fools, they know full well how to pull on emotional heartstrings, conditioning the feeling of guilt in others for even considering punishment as an option. They them self operate at the same emotional level as those that they are preaching too, just as they were preached to by those that operate at that emotional level, and on and on it goes...

In my opinion even organisations like the RSPCA are operated by these types of irrational emotional people, that are seeking a fantasy world based on a utopian perspective that can never really become a reality for our dogs. However, these ideologues are trying to force our dogs to live by this irrational utopia, that not even humans can abide by. And if our dogs don't adapt to this fantasy world they are forced onto medication so they will. And if medication doesn't work, kill the dog, as its obviously not worthy of their human utopian perspective, or it is falsely diagnosed with a mental illness, and therefore totally disregarding a dogs deep genetic instincts, drives and behaviours, for a human based irrational emotional view of reality.

The reason you find that serving and former military and police, and working dog and sport dog trainers are more open to utilising a more balanced approach to their training, is because their education is based on rational logic, not irrational emotion. They are educated to do whats best for the dog, and not submit to or succumb to irrational human based emotions. They become one with the dog, working from the dogs instinctual and psychological perspective, and not from a place of a weak emotional self, that is falsely viewed in the dog and then reflected back. The best dog trainers are the ones that know how to keep their emotions in check, and always viewing the dog from a position of its own deep genetic instincts. These dog trainers and owners gain so much more respect from dogs, as they are actually working from the dogs deeper genetic level of understanding.

When one chooses to train or maintain a relationship with a dog purely from an irrational emotional level, they are not respecting the dog from its own instinctive perspective, and hence why we are seeing such an epidemic of dogs suffering anxiety, and therefore pushed onto psychotropic drugs by Vets that believe drugs are the only answer, as the dog obviously has a mental illness. These Vets too, are operating from a humans irrational emotional perspective, and not viewing the dog from its own deeper genetic instinctive perspective.

In the USA we are reading on social media and in the news about the opioid epidemic. This epidemic/crisis is now being seen with our dogs with pscychotropic drugs. It must stop! And the only way it will stop is if we start treating dogs as dogs again, and giving them the respect they deserve.

I find it ironic how these committed positive-only and force-free ideologues will instantly change their tune if a dog will not adapt to their "treats will solve anything" attitude, and will then tell dog owners to put halter type collars or no-pull harnesses on their dog, to make the dog feel uncomfortable, or to isolate their dog from society, or dope them up on drugs, and yet continually call out balanced trainers as cruel and inhumane when they choose to use less invasive type methods like ecollars, slip leads and prong collars, to help a dog work through its issues, and help it live in this human world (read my post, Ecollar, the least invasive training tool available). People need to wake up, for the sake of our dogs. Stop believing all their rubbish, utopia is never going to become reality, as it goes totally against our dogs natural genetically driven instincts and drives.

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