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Mark Singer Dog Trainer

"Mark came to our house yesterday and helped us with our hyperactive, stubborn, aggressive 12-month-old pup. I'm not even kidding when I say I have a brilliant dog today. She was awesome by the time he left and we have followed up on what we were taught and today we have a calm, obedient, amazing dog. Highly recommend!!!" - Amanda

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If during my consultation, I feel that I cannot help you resolve the issues you have with your dog, there is no charge

In most cases, you will observe positive changes in your dog's overall behaviour and demeanour during initial my 2-hour consultation.

Please read through this page, as it fully explains my service, and the fee's I charge

These in-home consultations are for any obedience or behavioural issue you are having with your dog, whether it be aggression issues, anxiety, unruly around the house, incessant barking, lead pulling or any other obedience or behavioural issue. Or you are just needing guidance on how to set the right rules and boundaries to help your dog become a more well balanced and calmer dog around the home and out in public.


I offer home consultations throughout the Gold Coast area. Please check my map on this page to see if you are within my service area. If not, I may still be able to offer you a home consultation, however their maybe an additional fee for travel expenses and time.

Booking a home consultation with me

When first making your appointment with me, you may have a free no obligation phone consult with me first. Either phone me on 0416 705 463 or fill in the Home Consult Request form by clicking on the red tab on the right, and I will phone you at a time convenient for you.  Whilst on the phone I will ask you a number of questions and then possibly even offer you some advice if I feel over the phone advice is appropriate. I then indicate to you whether I am sure I can be of assistance to your dog with a home consultation.

Behavioural consultations 

My initial consultation is for 2 hours and is very intensive. I explain to you the reasons behind your dog's inappropriate behaviours and explain and demonstrate the process we need to take to help rehabilitate your dog to bring him or her back into a more balanced state. You will observe positive changes in your dog's behaviour during the consultation.

During the consultation I observe and assess your dog's environment, the relationship you have with your dog, and your dog's behaviour whilst you are with your dog, and when your dog is removed from you. We also take your dog to locations where the inappropriate behaviour is triggered.

Once I have a full understanding of the behavioural issues you are facing with your dog, and the triggers, I then guide you on how to help your dog to modify the behavioural issues you are experiencing.

During the initial consultation, I can also cover the following subjects to help you better understand your dog. Understanding these core principles will not only speed up your dog's rehabilitation process, but will also ensure a well-balanced dog, and harmonious relationship.

  • Dog psychology - How your dog views its relationship with you
  • Reinforcing desirable behaviours
  • Inhibiting or extinguishing inappropriate behaviours
  • Teach your dog to respect your personal and social space, and why it is so important for your relationship
  • The importance of your body language and energy and how it affects your relationship with your dog
  • Teaching your dog impulse control
  • Being aware of anxiety in your dog, and how to ensure it doesn't develop
  • Correct socialisation with people and other dogs
  • Satisfying your dog's instinctive needs
  • Setting the correct rules and boundaries and being consistent
  • Proper leash walking and understanding the principle of opposition reflex response and how it affects walking your dog

Emailed summery of consultation

If you request a summary of the consultation covering all the points I brought up and demonstrated whilst with you and your dog, I can email you one within 24 hours. This will help you remember all the points I raised, and how to maintain consistency in all the areas we went through to help modify your dogs behaviour.

Phone support

My consultations include phone support to help guide you, if you are coming across any issues during your dogs rehabilitation

How many consultations will I need?

This entirely depends on your dog's behavioural issues. Many of my clients find that the 2 hour consultation package is all they require to have a full understanding of their dog's behavioural issues, and the course of action required to modify the unwanted behaviours. During my consultation, in many cases you will observe dramatic changes in your dogs overall behaviour and demeanour.  I also offer 6 months ongoing phone support to help guide you after your initial consultation.

Consultation Behaviour and obedience packages

I also offer tailor made packages designed for you and your dogs particular needs. Not all dogs and owners requirements are the same, so during my initial consultation, if you feel you'd like further ongoing support and guidance at your home or other locations, then we can discuss all options during the consultation. Packages do work out much cheaper than booking individual sessions.


Payment can be paid in advance by Credit Card (click on blue link), or during your initial consultation by cash, EFT or Credit Card. Payments by credit card incurs a 1.8% processing fee. I do not offer long term payment options, sorry.

Standard Fee's


Behavioural consultation and obedience packages are also available

For locations marked in red on the map. Outside this area, please contact me for prices.


One of my segments on Totally Wild

I did a few home consultations that were aired on the Totally Willd TV show. What you see in this video is only about 3 mins of a 2 hour plus consultation. Much of the information, and demonstrations I did during the consult were left out, as Totally Wild only allowed for a 3 min segment. I stopped doing them for this reason, as I didn't feel they gave a true indication of what was involved in a consult. Also, there wasn't enough information in my TV segments that could help dog owners with dogs with similar behavioural issues.