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'Master the Art of Loose Leash Dog Walking' - for dogs 6 months and older, any breed.

Offered as a group workshop or private lesson - You can organise your own workshop with a group of 6 to 10 dogs. Locations up to 4 hours drive from the Gold Coast. More info including prices, below.

"You will not only learn how to have more enjoyable walks, but also understand your dog a lot better, and therefore helping to maintain an overall well balanced dog and relationship." Mark Singer


Do you have a lead puller? A dog reactive towards other dogs and people during walks? Is your dog hyper-aroused and can't calm down on walks? Is your dog all over the place on the lead dragging you around, towards dogs and people, following scents, marking trees, fences, posts? Then I will guide you and demonstrate with your own dog how to work through these issues very quickly, during my 2.5 hour workshop! You will be surprised how quickly you will see results. No need for treats (however you can), no harsh methods, just simple leash mechanics, and how to use leash pressure correctly and effectively to stabilise your dogs emotional state, to be more calmer and attentive to you during walks, and basically, an overall better behaved and well balanced dog.

I do not use managment tools such a halti type collars or no-pull-harnesses. In my opinion these tools only apply continuous discomfort to your dog. A dog should be able to enjoy its walk as much as you, without having to put up with continuous discomfort.

This is a 2.5 hour workshop focusing on mastering calm loose leash walking with your dog, and general behaviour. There are a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 dogs to a workshop. During this workshop I will demonstrate with your dog how to correctly condition lose leash walking in public around distractions, and around other dogs, and generally how to have a well behaved dog.

By the completion of this workshop or private lesson you should be competent enough to walk your dog in public on a lose leash, and understand how to deal with a number of behavioural issues that may arise.

Subjects covered

  • Understanding our dogs emotional state, and how it affects your dogs behaviour
  • Competetive motivators, and how they dictate your dogs responses
  • The importance of projecting the right energy and body language when walking your dog.
  • Why your current state of mind will dictate you and your dogs walk
  • Conditioning your dog to be attentive to you during walks
  • Opposition reflex response, and why its working against you and your dog
  • On lead reactivity
  • The importance of teaching your dog impulse control and to respect personal space
  • Correct leash mechanics
  • Understanding Thresholds
  • Different tools and how to use them correctly
  • Followed by a Q&A - I am available for a chat and any questions you wish to ask about dog behaviour and training toward the end of the workshop

Organise your own workshop - QLD and interstate

If you are located in SE QLD, and you'd like to attend a workshop, and I have not advertised a location near you, you can organise your own workshop. I have a set fee for up to 8 dogs, and 10 observers. You can then divide my fee between all attendees. I prefer a minimum of 6 dogs per workshop. Also you will need to secure a location. A large public park or oval is fine, as long as there is enough space for us to be away from the public and other dogs. All dogs attending the workshop will be on lead.

If you are a member of a club or a business owner, or just want to book a workshop for group of friends, you can do so for a minimum of 6 dogs. My fee's are outlined below. I am happy to have up to 16 attendees attend, but only a maximum of 8 dogs per workshop.

Maximum Attendees

  • Maximum dogs 8 (minimum 6 dogs)
  • Without dogs, up to an additional 8 attendees

Please note: I prefer to keep the numbers down to around 8 dogs for my workshop, so it allows me plenty of time to give each dog owner individual attention. However, I am happy to allow up to 10 dogs (only if booking one workshop for the day), to help lower the fee for each dog attending.


Around 2.5 hours.

For locations (scroll down for location distance examples)

up to 1 hour drive from Broadbeach (Gold Coast)

Total fee is $650.00 (up to 10 dogs). If we can run 2 workshops with 6 to 8 dogs each, the fee per workshop is $450.00 (ie: $56.25 per dog x 16)*.

up to 2 hours drive from Broadbeach (Gold Coast)

Total fee is $750.00 (up to 10 dogs). If we can run 2 workshops with 6 to 8 dogs each, the fee per workshop is $500.00 (ie: $62.50 per dog x 16)*.

up to 3 hours drive from Broadbeach (Gold Coast)

Total fee is $850.00 (up to 10 dogs). If we can run 2 workshops with 6 to 8 dogs each, the fee per workshop is $550.00 (ie: $68.75 per dog x 16)*.

up to 4 hours drive from Broadbeach (Gold Coast)

I will only travel this far if you book 2 workshops (6 to 10 dogs each workshop). Total fee for the 2 workshops $1,500.00 (ie: $75.00 per dog x 20)**

Over 4 hours drive, flying, and interstate workshops

Please contact me for my fee, which includes travel and accomodation.

*If booking 2 workshops, for the 1, 2 and 3 hour drive, the workshops must be on the same day. One in the morning around 10am. The next 2pm or later

**If booking 2 workshops for the 4 hour drive. The first workshop will be around 12pm. Then another workshop that afternoon around 3 or 4pm. This fee also covers my overnight accommodation.

Distance examples

1 hour - Brisbane area 2 hour - Caboolture - Ballina - Byron Bay 3 hour - Sunshine Coast - Toowoomba - Yamba - Grafton 4 hour - Harvey Bay - Coffs Harbour


All dogs must be on a good quality lead no longer than 2 metres, and a well fitted collar the dog cannot escape from.

Dog training equipment will also be available for purchase at the workshop.


I prefer whoever books the workshop/s, pays the total fee a minimum of 7 days in advance, once date and location has been agreed upon. The person that booked the workshop can then collect the fee from attendees. Payment is by EFT. I will email an invoice with my bank details once workshop has been confirmed. I require a minimum of 2 weeks notice for workshops, and payment 7 days before the workshop.

To book

Please fill in the booking form by clicking on the blue tab on the right hand side of this page ,and I will get back to you ASAP.


If you have booked and paid for a workshop and wish to cancel, there is a $75 cancellation fee if you cancel up to 72 hours before the workshop. Cancellations after that incur a 50% cancellation fee of the total workshop fee.

Gold Coast Area

These workshops are held at local parks or ovals. Not at public off-leash areas. I will post locations as they become available, on this page, and also my Facebook business page. You can fill in the booking form to show your interest, even if I have not confirmed a location. I will then put you on a waiting list to notify you of a workshop close to your location.

Duration of workshop is approximately 2 hours

Workshop Fee:

$70.00 per dog

$50 without dog

1 dog per handler

Private lesson - I only offer this within 15 mins drive from Broadbeach

If you don't know of a suitable location, I can suggest locations in:

  • Labrador
  • Broadbeach
  • Burleigh

Fee: $110, and the session is for around 1 hour. Only available within 15 mins drive from Broadbeach.

Upcoming Workshops

I will be publishing some workshop dates and locations on the Gold Coast soon. Keep an eye on my Facebook page for posted updates, or return to this page

What some of my clients are saying:


Sharon K:

Went out today and practiced from yesterday walking Chubs on lead , not one pull no tension on lead best walk since I’ve had him.

Lydia L:

Byron and I had the best walking(back and forth), today ever. A calm obedient dog from the loungeroom! And for the first time no pushing me out of the way to race me up the stairs. We will have this behaviour cemented in no time. Thankyou for sharing your experience. Total common sense.

Jodie P:

Thank you Mark was awesome afternoon. Got me back on track and picked up some new stuff to work on.

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