Dog Behaviour Skype Consultations

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Obviously the best way to help your dog, is an in-home consultation by a professional balanced trainer. However, for some, this is not an option, whether it be due to their location or financial constraints, so for these dog owners I offer this service. Skype consults can be used for any behavioural issues you are having with your dog. Your first consult is for around 1 hour. This is so I have enough time to get to know you and your dogs relationship, the history of your dog, view, if possible, the behavioural issues, and understand the triggers for the unwanted behaviours. I then explain to you why your dog is behaving the way it is, and the best course of action to modify the behaviour/s.


Payment for your Skype consult is by credit or debit card when you make your online booking. Bookings made without payment will not be confirmed as a booking, and therefore will not be officially booked.

Information required

When making your booking, please provide me with as much information as possible on your dog, and the behavioural issues you are having with your dog, to help me prepare for your consultation. There is no need to fill in your home address, however I do require your country and state. Including your address will help of course if you decide to purchase any equipment from me, such as leads, etc.

Please provide your Skype username.

Please ensure that you are available at the time you have booked, and either have your phone, tablet, PC or laptop with you to take my call. Please ensure you have a good connection to the internet. You can reschedule your consult by logging into your account if the need arises. If I call you at the time you have booked, and you are not available to take my call, then you forfeit 50% of your payment, and will need to book and pay for another consult if you still require my assistance.

If I need to reschedule or change the time

If I need to reschedule your consultation due to unforeseen personal circumstances, I will contact you ASAP. If you cannot reschedule your consult, I am happy to refund your payment in full. Due to the nature of my booking system, allowing 1 hour between consults, I maybe able to be available earlier than your scheduled time. If this is so, I will contact you when I receive your booking to see if you can be available earlier than your booked time.

If I feel I can't help you on Skype

When receiving your Skype consultation booking, and having read all the information you have provided, I feel that a Skype consult will not be suitable for assistance, I will contact you by email explaining why, and refund your payment.

Some of the issues I can help with on Skype

  • Behavioural issues around the home
  • Overly excited or hyper-aroused behaviour
  • Jumping on people
  • Nipping and biting
  • Aggression towards owners
  • 2 dogs fighting in the same home
  • Barking at visitors
  • Fearful or aggressive towards visitors
  • Lead pulling
  • Ecollar (remote training collar) training - I only use the ET-300 mini educator or any of the ecollar technologies collars. You can purchase an ET-300 from me, or purchase it elsewhere.

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