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I offer online consultations for dog owners that are unable to have a home consultation with me, whether due to distance, or unable to afford a private home consultation. I offer either email, phone (available soon) or Skype (video) consultations.

Obviously, there is no substitute for having a dog behaviour specialist come to your home to help guide you. However, these online consultation services can help you understand your dogs behavioural issues and therefore with my assistance help you work through those issues.

In the unlikely event I feel I cannot help you after reading about your dogs behavioural issues in the form you submitted, then your full payment will be re-credited back to your account immediately, including sending an email outlining the reason why I am unable to assist you.

Consultation Form

When you click on any of the subscription links, you will be transferred to the online consultation form for that subscription. There are a number of questions you will need to answer and a consultation box to explain the issues you are having with your dog. Some of the questions may appear to have no relevance to your dogs particular behavioural issues, however all of the questions are very important to help me understand your relationship and the dogs environment. Please be as detailed as possible when outlining your dogs behavioural issues and history in the consultation box. This information will help me ascertain whether I can help you, and also allow me to have a full understanding of your dogs environment and lifestyle. At the bottom of the form is where you input your credit card details before submitting the form.

Secure Payments

Payment for these consultations are in advance by credit/debit card. All prices are Australian Dollars.

No credit/debit card information is stored on my website. All credit/debit card payments are processed through Square. This is the credit card processing company I use for all credit card payments for my business. You can be assured using your credit card is perfectly safe, and is guaranteed by Square. This website is also encrypted with 256 SSL, protecting all of your information. You can click on the image below to confirm.

How long does your Skype subscription last?

There is no time limit on the Skype subscriptions below. The subscription is valid whilst you have Skype time available. This way you can contact me at any time to help guide you with any behavioural or obedience issues. Also by booking a subscription you avoid any possible fee increases.


I cannot offer a guarantee that your dogs unwanted behaviours will be modified with my online consultations. All I can offer is my professional advice, guidance and the steps required to help modify your dogs behaviour. It is then up to you, as the dogs owner to follow through with the advice and guidance I offer you. When dealing with a dogs behavioural issues, its never just about the dog, it's your entire relationship with your dog and its environment that contributes to your dogs overall behaviour.

email PNG15Email consultation/s (Available)

I will respond to your initial consultation form within 12 hours of you submitting, with a full detailed consultation. If I do require more information before I can offer you an indepth consultation, that email and your reply will not be included in your number of responses by me.

You can also include a video with your emails.

You can select a 2 email consultation. This entitles you to an in-depth reply to your initial request for assistance, and a follow-up email if you have further questions regarding my initial email assistance. Or you can book and pay for a subscription. These subscriptions entitle you to unlimited emails during your subscription period. Please note, it may take up to 12 hours for me to respond to your emails. However, I do my best to respond quicker.

SkypeSkype Consultation - Video (Available)

Please click on the Click Here link to take you to the booking and payment form. Once I receive your booking, I will email you back with a couple of days and times for your consult, as close to the day and time you have asked for, for your approval. Consultations can be within 12 hours of submitting the form. Once a consultation day and time has been confirmed, please ensure you are available to take my call. If you are not available when I call at our agreed time, there is no refund or rescheduling available. If you need to reschedule a consult time, please email me at least 1 hour before your consultation time.

Selecting day and time

Please ensure you use AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) when booking your consultation. If you reside outside Australia, you can use google search to know the current time for 'Brisbane Australia'

Be prepared

Please ensure you have good enough internet connection for your Skype video call.

As every minute counts with your Skype consult, it is best to prepare yourself before you commence your consultation. For example, have a list of questions already prepared with you. If your dog is to be included with the consult, make sure your dog is with you, or you have quick access to him or her. Make sure you have all equipment with you. If it is to help you with outside training issues, then have your dog on lead with you when we commence the Skype call. It is also handy to have somebody else with you that can hold your phone or tablet to video you whilst working/training with your dog.

If after reading your form, and in the unlikely event that I feel I cannot be of assistance to you or your dog, I will immediately email you back explaining why and immediately refund your money back into your account.

When booking hourly blocks, consults are a minimum of 30 min sessions.

Once you have had your first Skype consult, all you need to do is message me via Skype to book further consults, until your subscription has expired. All consults are booked in 30 min sessions. If your consultation goes over 30 minutes, then every additional 15-minute increment will be added. The duration of the consultation is calculated by Skype connection time.

Include follow-up emails

You can also choose to include follow-up email support for your Skype consults for an additional low fee. You can select this option and the number of emails when you fill in the form to book your initial Skype consult.

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