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Remote Training Collar (eCollar) Dog Obedience Training

Remote training collars are one of the most widely misunderstood training tools, due to many of the lies and misinformation going around by those that follow the extremist positive-only/force-free ideology, where even saying "NO" to your dog these days is frowned upon by these groups. These groups have never even bothered to educate them self on how to use an eCollar correctly, what the stimulation feels like, nor why it works when used correctly. Can the ecollar be used incorrectly? Of course it can, there is no dispute there, just as any tool or method can be used incorrectly. That is why before using an ecollar with your dog, you should educate yourself on its proper use.

Using an ecollar in your training is a very humane way to train your dog to achieve fast and reliable off leash control, no matter the distractions or location. It is also useful to help with many other issues, such as extinguishing unwanted behaviour, and even helping to deal with phobias such as fear, and anxiety related coping behaviours.

Many will falsely state that eCollars give your dog electric shocks, or electrocute your dog. This indeed is not true. A remote training collar stimulation feels more like a muscle stimulation unit, such as a TENS machine. The stimulation from a remote training collar feels more like a tingle or static pulse. These collars do not produce any current, and therefore cannot shock your dog. Below is an image that explains the energy output of a remote training collar compared to other forms of electrical stimulation devices.


We use ecollars in training to proof commands the dog already understands.

eCollars have 2 purposes, and both use the collar differently. For extinguishing unwanted behaviours and for proofing obedience training.

Using a remote training collar (eCollar) to train your dog with is a skill that needs to be taught correctly. It's not a matter of placing the collar on your dog and correcting him. When training your dog we do not use the eCollar to 'punish' your dog. We use what is known as low level stimulation training, whereby the eCollar is used to nudge the dog to help make the right choices. Much like tapping a person on the shoulder to get their attention. Your dog is conditioned to understand that a reward is on offer for responding immediately no matter the distraction.

When using an eCollar for training, we need to condition your dog to the collar to help your dog understand what is required when it feels the stimulation. We work at the lowest setting possible for the particular dog, which is their working level. During training we use a lot of positive reinforcement to teach your dog what to do. The collar is used to proof the training so that your dog quickly learns to obey your commands off lead under any distraction.

RTC's are the best way to train and condition reliable off lead recalls no matter what the distraction is.

ecollar training for recall
This dog I am helping to train. The dog has been conditioned to the eCollar after already understanding the recall command. The recall is now being proofed with the eCollar on low level. Every recall you see the dog respond to in this video, the eCollar is being used. You can see, this dog is enjoying his recalls, very, very much :)

What you will learn during these lessons

You actually train your dog. I am there to offer you guidance on the process of using an ecollar. I also demonstrate with your dog as we progress through your dogs training. Lessons are best held 2 to 3 times a week. However once a week is fine, as long as you maintain your dogs lessons between each visit by me.

  • Understand your RTC and its correct use.
  • Finding your dogs working level
  • Conditioning your dog to the eCollar using positive reinforcement (food) and low-level stimulation.
  • Understand the principles of positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement and positive punishment.
  • Guidance on using your RTC to proof commands
  • How to use your eCollar to help inhibit or extinguish unwanted behaviours around the home.

Your dog will learn

  • Off lead control in public, such as reliable off lead stays and recalls, and lose and off lead walking, under any distractions
  • 'Place' command. Your dog will understand that when given the command "Place" it will immediately go to a designated place or object such as a bed or mat, and remain there calmly until released.

eCollar Training


1 x 2 hour introduction to the ecollar (in the privacy of your own home)

Includes a Mini Educator eCollar

  • Understand the basic use of the ecollar
  • Conditioning your dog to the eCollar
  • Proofing commands
  • Extinguish or inhibit unwanted behaviours


Full ecollar obedience package

Includes a Mini Educator eCollar

1 x 2 hour in your home introduction to the ecollar. Conditioning your dog to the ecollar.

8 x 30 min lessons at either of the below locations

  • Labrador - Meet near the corner of Marine Parade and Central Street
  • Mermaid Beach - Pratten Park, Hedges Ave
  • Broadbeach - Behind Surf Club, Chelsea Ave


If you prefer to conduct your lessons at a different location, even outside my service area, please contact me for my fee.

The eCollar300ts txrx

I recommend and sell ecollars by eCollar Technologies. These are one of the most superior RTC's on the market. I am an authorised dealer for this company. This is the collar I provide my clients, and the only collars I will instruct my clients with.

Ecollar Mini Educator details:

  • Dog Size: 2.5 kgs. and larger
  • 800 mtr Range
  • 100 Levels with “Lock and Set” (Patent Pending)
  • Night Blue LCD Display
  • Remote Tracking Light
  • Instant Adjustable Booster Buttons (Patent Pending)
  • Momentary and Continuous Buttons
  • Tapping Sensation Button (Improved Vibration)
  • Floating Transmitter
  • 2 Hour Quick Charge (Li-Polymer Batteries)
  • Lost Transmitter Beeper
  • Completely Waterproof to 500’
  • Shock Resistant to 5000 Gs
  • USB charging

You can also purchase an ecollar from me by clicking here

Please note: There are a number of cheap made Chinese remote training collars that you can purchase online for around $50 to $150. Please do NOT purchase these collars. I will not offer training or advice if you choose to use one of these collars. They are dangerous due to the fact that the electronics in them are inferior, and many of them will indeed shock your dog. They also do not have the precise control over the stimulation levels that the more expensive brands have.