Skype logoSkype consults are useful for a number of unwanted behavioural issues your dog is exhibiting around the home. You have a face to face consultation with me for up to 1 hour, to advise you and offer direction on modifying your dogs unwanted behaviours, or help with discipline and basic obedience issues. I first get an understanding of why your dog is exhibiting the problem behaviours and then explain why your dog is behaving the way it is and offer a course of action to take to help modify your dogs behaviour.

If need be to help with your consultation, you can have a family member or friend video you live on skype whilst I watch you interact with your dog (or place your laptop, phone or tablet in a position so I can watch), and at the same time offering you advice and guidance, not much different to having me in your home.

Skype consultations are far better than online courses to help deal with behavioural issues. An online course or video can only offer you a generalised instruction on how to deal with behavioural issues, and generally not directly applicable for your particular dog or situation. Not only this, video courses cannot inform you when you maybe doing the wrong thing, for example; projecting the wrong body lanuage, reinforcing the wrong behaviours or indeed correcting particular behaviours incorrectly. I watch your interaction with your dog, taking notice of every particular detail, and then guiding you in real time.

When you book your Skype Consultation, you will be asked for your skype ID. Then at your booked date and time I will call you. Please have something to take notes on, and if possible your dog available.

Breakdown of Skype Consultation

  1. Introductions
  2. Discussion on your dogs history and behavioural issues
  3. Me asking questions to get a clearer understanding
  4. Me observing your dog, and you and your dogs interaction (depending on behavioural issues being addressed)
  5. Discussion on my understanding on why your dog is behaving the way it is, and what course of action needs to be taken to modify your dogs behaviour
  6. In-depth breakdown on the course of action, and guiding you whilst on Skype.
  7. Follow-up consult/s maybe suggested in most cases.

This may vary depending on your situation.

Skype consults are paid for in blocks. Your initial consult is usually for around 1 hour.

  • 1 Hour Block $70
  • 2 Hour Block $125
  • 3 Hour Block $185

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