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We booked Mark for the full obedience and behaviour package for our Beagle Bonnie. Mark has been amazing and so patient with us. We now have an almost perfect sweet dog, that now no longer steals things aruond the home, is much calmer, and walks amazing on the leash now. We can't thank Mark enough for his expert knowledge and guidance. Highly recommend!

Renee & Graham Hunt - Bundall

"Thank you mark
This morning on our walk Boo didnt chase or bark at the Ibis birds or any dogs or go up to any people
Truly amazing
Thank you so much

Kim Doherty - Robina

Mark visited my Staffy X and after the two hour visit I saw a remarkable change in her character. She is now more calmer and no pulling on the leash plus showing me more attention and effection. She appears to be so much happier knowing that I am now in charge which Mark explained was her problem before. Still a way to go re walking past some dogs but her behaviour is no where what it was like before. Thanks Mark for giving me the tools to work with and can only progress from here. Highly recommend Mark to anyone.

Les Hoolihan - Banora Point

Love your posts and to let u know Chubs walked most of our 2k walk this morning without a lead first time ever felt awesome and when the leads on there is still no pulling ,
Thanks for all your help.

Sharon King - Gold Coast

There has been a remarkable change in Max the GSD after just a couple of hours with Mark and implementing the strategies he advised. Max’s anxiety levels are way down and now both he and I can enjoy the walks without pulling on the lead and barking and lunging at other dogs. Thanks so much Mark! Looking forward to learning more.

Candice Cherry - Gold Coast

Thank you Mark you are amazing in what you have achieved with our rescue Dog Mambo. He is a different dog tonight after only one session. We are very grateful to have found someone that understands the trauma dogs can experience at the hands of bad owners. Important for us owning a brindle Bull Mastiff that gets labeled incorrectly. Thank you so very much.

Tammy Lindrum - Gold Coast

"Mark came to our house yesterday and helped us with our hyperactive, stubborn, aggressive 12-month-old pup. I'm not even kidding when I say I have a brilliant dog today. She was awesome by the time he left and we have followed up on what we were taught and today we have a calm, obedient, amazing dog. Highly recommend!!!

Amanda - Airlie Beach

Situation critical !!!
Mark helped our 3.5-year-old Staffy X Kelpie who has showed anti social behaviour and aggression towards other animals, since she was a pup.
I have tried many trainers and methods, mostly of the positive rewards based training, which were not showing any signs of behaviour change.
Thanks to Mark we now house the Staffy with a Maltese Shitzu and been able to adapt the training to help both dogs with behaviour adjustments.
I have given Mark two videos of the Ulu, the first was approaching a house across the street 50m away where a dog lived, the second is one month after training with Mark.
I could not recommend Mark highly enough.

Adam Parker - Gold Coast

 Training with Mark has been one of my best experiences! He certainly knows his stuff when it comes to dog training makes it easy to understand and truly effective for both dog and owner. His professional training methods with the e collar are humane and totally recommend him for the best results!

Debbie Stack - Agnus Water

 Had mark come to us. Explained to me and my husband what was going wrong and why it had happened and what we could try to do in rectifing it. This was done in professional and competent way and it worked!. We actually understood our dogs better.
We now have a much better relationship with our dogs and i believe they are happier too.

Joanna Day - Mackay

 Mark came out to give us a hand with our 3 rescue dogs, he spent numerous time assessing each dog and working out what their issues were. He told us exactly how to fix each dog and within an hour of him leaving the first consult our main troublesome dog had completely changed, which was a huge shock for us.

A few weeks later with lots of guidance from Mark, we have 3 completely different, happy dogs. It's so nice to see all three cuddled up sleeping beside each other, and it's great to see them so relaxed with next to no anxiety.

Thanks again Mark, we appreciate your help so much!

Alana - Gold Coast

 Excellent service with quality results..Mark is very professional and has definitely made our pet relationship a better one.
Highly recommended 🖒🖒

Craig Uhr - Gold Coast

 Mark is what I would call a "Specialist" for dogs with behaviour issues!

Kim Hereen

 Im not in Oz, just find this an invaluable resource page. Facebook Page

Jason Walker

Mark is a wonderful, caring, patient and experienced trainer. You can see his passion for dogs and animals in general with the way he treats them and their dog owners. He has helped us so much with our Dog's tail chasing and anxiety. Definitely the best decision we made to go to his training and have a home consultation

Skye Baldwin - Adelaide

 Thanks so much Mark, after two months of our heeler pulling and distracted on the lead with the positive training not helping, one hour with you and we have a calm and confident pup walking by our side. By teaching us the right way we are able to teach our pup to be calm and confident and a happy pup means a happy house, again thank you so much.

Follow-up report:

Hi Mark, with 10 people over and a 6 year old for dinner not only did our friends did as you ask with Mia, but Mia proved that she can behave without a mouth full of food pushed her way. She was a delight all night, thanks again for your help Mark

Noella Vaitkus

Mark has helped me and my puppy so much , I can feel more comfortable walking him around other dogs calm rather than him on edge , lunging and barking . I highly recommend Mark Singer. His methods really do work

Jess Grieger

 Mark helped me to understand and work better with my pup. I now have a happy, balanced adult dog, who revels in life! No more separation anxiety or anxiety in general. He's happy, so I'm happy!

Max Ellis

 Mark is a superlative dog behaviourist and trainer. Well-planned, simple and effective methods which train the owners to handle their own dogs well. Mark's class has already improved our relationship with our large German Shepherd dog beyond all our expectations. I cannot recommend Mark highly enough.

Chris Adlard

 Great trainer, great demeanor, was fantastic with our little GS (Tess), really laid down some core foundations. Thank you so much Mark!

Thuc Le Tat

 I Have not used him as a trainer. But Ive seen some of the things hes posted. I must agree with them, being a trainer my self.

Destiny Lytle

 Mark is a great and patient trainer. Would recommend to anyone.

Irene & Henry Rochelle