balance creates harmony
"One of my greatest pleasures is helping dog owners maintain a balanced and therefore harmonious relationship with their dog".

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Gold Coast, Queensland Dog Behaviour Specialist and Trainer

One of Australia's most respected and longest serving dog behaviour specialists and trainers.

mebosI have been helping companion dog owners with their dogs behavioural issues and obedience for over 37 years. Over this period I have assisted more than 15,000+ dog owners and their dogs.

I do not employ staff, operate a large dog training company, nor do I operate a franchise. For me, its not about the money, its more about the pleasure and satisfaction I personally receive from going into homes to help dog owners and their dogs. I don't sugarcoat anything, I am straight forward and upfront. I tell it like it is, offering what I believe is the correct guidance to companion dog owners to the best of my ability.

Helping to establish a well balanced relationship with your dog

As a balanced dog behaviour specialist I don't restrict myself to a 'one method suits all' ideology. I incorporate a holistic approach to training and behaviour modification. I adjust my methods, tools and techniques to suit the particular dog or behavioural issue we are addressing. If we limit our options by subscribing to a particular method or ideology we greatly restrict the help we can offer dogs.

My focus is on respecting a dog's natural instincts and drives and utilising those to help dogs and their owners maintain a well balanced and harmonious relationship. I focus on the overall relationship between the dog and its owner, and the dog's environment, as in most cases this relationship has become unbalanced, which is causing the dog to become confused, and therefore in many cases contributing to an overly anxious emotional state in the dog, and related behavioural issues.

All my fee's for my services are published on my website.

I no longer offer protection dog, or any type of dog sport or working dog training. My primary focus is to help and advise the companion dog owner.