balance creates harmony
"One of my greatest pleasures is helping dog owners maintain a balanced and therefore harmonious relationship with their dog".

Gold Coast Queensland, Dog Behaviour Specialist and Dog Trainer

1 of Australia's leading and most respected dog behaviour specialists and trainers.

Former: RAAF Police Dog Trainer - RAAF Drug Detector Dog Trainer - AQIS Detector Dog Trainer - 38 years working with dogs



mebosI have a natural affinity and ability with dogs. I understand dogs, and they understand me. I have spent the past 38 years working professionally with dogs, and helping dog owners develop and maintain a well balanced and harmonious relationship. My focus is helping my clients understand their dogs natural instincts, drives and behaviour, from their dogs perspective. Many dog owners tend to get too focused on viewing their dogs through their own human based reasoning and not from their dogs perspective. This is why so many behavioural issues such as anxiety, reactivity, aggression, fear, etc, develop. During my home consultations I discuss and demonstrate with my clients how important it is to understand how their own beliefs and the way they interact with their dog affects how their dog relates to them. Unless we truly understand what our dog is trying to communicate to us, the less likely we are able to help our dog, and maintain a well balanced relationship. There needs to be 2 way communication that both dog and owner understand, if we want to raise a well balanced dog, and ensure a harmonious relationship.

I don't restrict myself to a 'one method suits all' ideology. I incorporate a holistic approach to training and behaviour modification. I adjust my methods and techniques to suit the particular dog and behavioural issues we are addressing. If we limit our options by subscribing to a particular method or ideology, we greatly restrict the help we can offer dogs.

Buyer Beware- An unregulated industry

What concerns me most about this industry is that anybody can call them self a professional in this field and have little to no experience in the areas that they are offering to clients. Dog training businesses are popping up almost on a weekly basis by young people that have completed no more than an online course in very basic dog training, having no hands on experience, other than possibly training their own dog and possibly a few friends dogs on how to sit, stay and drop on command, and carry-out some very simple tricks, luring with food. They are falsely advertising they are experts on all forms of dog behaviour, and going into peoples homes making a lot of unfounded claims, and giving absolutely ridiculous advice. Understanding dogs and helping with behavioural issues, takes many, many years of hands on experience, working with hundreds if not thousands of dogs. If you are looking at getting a professional out, please investigate their background and experience. A list of online "so-called" certified courses posted on a website, with no years and years to support and back-up these courses is no different to hiring an electrician to wire up your home, and the only knowledge and experience they have is from an online course on how to connect a plug to an electrical cord.

My service area

serviceareaI offer home consultations for the entire Gold Coast and surrounding areas (Coomera QLD to Kingscliff NSW). Please click on the map to view my service area. I do offer home consultations outside this area, please contact me for more details if you reside outside my service area.

Booking a home consultation

Please take advantage of my online booking system. You can book a home consultation for a day and time that is convenient for you, and have it confirmed immediately.  Please click here to go to my home consultation page for more information.